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Benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking Within 20 minutes after you smoke that last cigarette, your body begins a series of changes that continue for years • 20 Minutes After Quitting Your heart rate drops. • 12 hours After Quitting Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal. • 2 Weeks to 3 Months After Quitting […]

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Iron deficiency anemia

Anemia is one of the commonest illness found in both adult and children . Most common anemia in children is Iron deficiency anemia and more than 1/3rd of world population is affected by Iron deficiency anemia. What is Anemia? Anemia is defined by reduction in Hb Concentration, Hct Concentration or RBC count • WHO criteria […]

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Guidelines for Prevention of Adult Heart Disease in Early Life

A family at risk = a member with: Myocardial infarction(heart attack) before age of 60 Hypertension or Stroke High level of LDL Low level of HDL Obesity Adult-onset diabetes Smoking habit Risk Reduction Strategies Smoking cessation Weight reduction Physical activity Specific dietary interventions Blood pressure control Lipid control Diabetes control Interventions for psychologic factors Prophylactic […]

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