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Suffering from Nasal Blockage & Congestion?

A new non-surgical treatment in the form of KOS therapy might be the answer for you Allergic Rhinitis: Symptoms of Rhinitis such as breathing difficulty, nasal congestion, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, post nasal discharge, and cough are common among patients. This could be allergic rhinitis which is usually seasonal, and is associated with itchy nose, eye […]

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Not paying attention to your nasal symptoms may turn your sinusitis chronic

Approximately 20% of the UAE population suffers from Chronic Sinusitis. Symptoms range from stuffy nose, nasal blockage, headache, facial pain, postnasal discharge, cough and bad breath. These are all symptoms of chronic sinusitis. The weather in UAE plays a significant role in the development of these symptoms. Fine sand in the air, humidity, allergies, sudden […]

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Balloon Sinuplasty – An escape from chronic Sinus problems

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive Endoscopic Surgical procedure for the treatment of blocked nasal sinuses. Patients diagnosed with chronic sinusitis who are unresponsive to medical management may be advised to undergo this procedure. In Balloon Sinuplasty, inflamed sinuses are opened in a similar way as the Doctor opens a blocked artery during balloon angioplasty. […]

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