Guidelines for Prevention of Adult Heart Disease in Early Life

A family at risk = a member with:
Myocardial infarction(heart attack) before age of 60
Hypertension or Stroke
High level of LDL
Low level of HDL
Adult-onset diabetes
Smoking habit

Risk Reduction Strategies

Smoking cessation
Weight reduction
Physical activity
Specific dietary interventions
Blood pressure control
Lipid control
Diabetes control
Interventions for psychologic factors
Prophylactic medication in selected patients


Prevention of Heart Disease with Diet and Lifestyle changes:  Attributes to Define Low-risk

1) Diet
Good fat: low saturated and trans-fat, high polyunsaturated fat, high fish oil
Good carbohydrates: low glycemic load, high fiber (whole grains)
High folate (vegetables, fruit)
2) Not currently smoking
3) Moderate alcoholic beverage drinking
4) Regular exercise
One half-hour daily (eg, 2 miles per hour walking)

5) Body mass index < 25 kg/m2 (optimal < 21 kg/m2)

Dr. Anil Grover,
Specialist Internal Medicine