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Guidelines for Prevention of Adult Heart Disease in Early Life

A family at risk = a member with: Myocardial infarction(heart attack) before age of 60 Hypertension or Stroke High level of LDL Low level of HDL Obesity Adult-onset diabetes Smoking habit Risk Reduction Strategies Smoking cessation Weight reduction Physical activity Specific dietary interventions Blood pressure control Lipid control Diabetes control Interventions for psychologic factors Prophylactic […]

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10 strategies for supportive and effective assistance with school assignments

This school year, your children’s homework may be challenging for everyone. Discover which methods are best for helping them learn how to study and complete assignments. “What’s the answer?” may be the question your child expects you to resolve. But handing over the answers will not help in the long run. Doing their homework for […]

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Preventive Healthcare for You

Prevention is better than cure. All of us have been taught about this right since our school days and yet when it comes to practice, we seem to forget about it! Basic reason appears to be an inherent belief that “illness is not for me”, till it catches us and then we start repenting the […]

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